We are pleased to announce that our academy will re-open for craft-skill practice and assessment from Tuesday 2 June 2020 onwards.


We remain highly vigilant and ensure strict adherence to government advisories. These additional safe management measures will be tightly enforced:

  • Students, instructors and staff must use the SafeEntry and TraceTogether apps.
  • Only 10 people are allowed per class per room. This 10 include students and instructors. This is for craft-skills practice & assessment only, soft-skills continue to be conducted online.
  • Students, instructors and staff on campus must wear surgical/reusable mask at all times.
  • We will operate in 3 clear and distinct shifts and ensure no inter-mixing between shifts.
  • There are clear space and movement markings to ensure safe distancing at all times.
  • Gatherings/socializing is strictly not allowed. It remains an offence in Singapore.
  • In-campus lunch will not be provided to avoid congregating.   
  • Admin staff continue to work from home and telecommute.

Our top priority remains to safeguard the health and well-being our students, instructors and staff.

Be socially responsible. Be safe.


Culinary Regards,
Tan Chor Pang
Deputy Chief Executive