One of the best places in Asia to live, work and play, Singapore possesses a dynamism that blends together culture, cuisine, arts and architecture with ease. This globalised metropolis boasts a cutting edge innovation and an ability to preserve age-old traditions in modern times.


Singapore's multicultural landscape showcases a rich heritage perpetuated by various ethnic groups (Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians) living together harmoniously, each bringing his own unique cultures and perspectives.


The energetic city is also the first in the world for international business meetings, beating favourites like Paris and Vienna. Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene is bolstered by international events like the annual World Gourmet Summit and the Singapore Food Festival. Known to many as the food capital of Asia, the city offers a mélange of cuisines from all over the world. The multitude of restaurants in Singapore easily exceeds 20,000. Over 120,000 people help provide some of the world’s best cuisines round-the-clock. Singapore is where everyone finds a unique experience.

Here is a snapshot of the expected living expenses. These expenses will vary with your spending habits:



S$800 - S$2500 per month (varies with location, type of accommodation, facilities provided and number of people sharing)


S$600 - S$1200 per month (based on $20 - $40 a day)

Public Transport

S$100 - S$160 per month (varies with types of transport)


S$40 - S$100 per month (varies with usage and promotional packages subscribed)

Medical expenses S$50 per visit
Personal expenses S$200 - S$500 per month


You may use the Cost of Living Calculator for your personal budgeting purpose.

For more information, please visit SMRT website.

For more information, please visit website.

The Private Education Act was gazetted in October 2009 to strengthen the registration framework and enforcement provisions. The Act also provided for the Committee for Private Education to be set up to oversee the new regulatory regime and promote best practices among private education institutions to raise standards in the private education sector over time.

The EduTrust certification scheme was formed to regulate, develop and raise quality standards in the private education sector.

Please refer to Committee for Private Education (CPE) for more information.

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