Our Story

Developed by a culinary institution, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, WellSpent™ was created to give spent a second life by upcycling discarded food parts that are rich in nutrition.

The products are thoughtfully created by our team of Chefs and students, and validated by our gut advisor from AMILI to be rich in nutrition and gut-friendly.

We are the creators of sustainable and innovative food products and solutions that are derived from spent ingredients.

What is WellSpent™?

WellSpent™ was created by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy for our Environment Social Governance (ESG) Sustainability with No Waste initiatives, focusing on high touch high spent food ingredients normally discarded during food production. These spent ingredients (also known as “side streams”) are rich in fibre, protein, and valuable phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals - all contributing to good gut health and our wellbeing. Being a culinary academy, we are very proud that our upcycled foods are tasty, gutsy and worldly! 


We have selected ten spent ingredients for upcycling as enormous amounts of them are discarded daily in many countries globally. 


Our side streams are brewer’s spent grain (by-product of beer production), Okara (by-product of tofu and soya milk production), eggshells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, defatted coconut (by-product of coconut milk production), fruit peels, vegetable pulp, moromi (by-product of soy sauce production) and crustacean shells. 


10 Spent Ingredients 2-1

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I enjoyed the Lap Mei Fan, Kashmiri Lamb Shank, and the Padang Beef Rendang. The food was very good and the portions generous.

Ram Thumbo

Authentic and flavorful. The meat is tender and the sauce is rich and delicious. So easy to prepare too. Highly recommended.


Second time trying it. Quality of food is good. Easy cooking.


The food and service were lovely so I did want to leave a review. We ordered delivery and tried their beef rendang, their butter chicken, and the lemon tart. All three were really delicious and the delivery was super convenient, friendly, and right on time. The menu is a little eclectic but you’re bound to see something you like. The portions are also quite large. I would definitely order from them again.

Anton 999

You save me a trip to Fortnum and Mason whenever I spread my WS organge peel marmalade over a slice toasted sourdough. Loving the zesty orange peel bite to it.


WellSpent has one of the best Almond cookies I had for a very long time. Great taste and not too sweet. Highly recommended for anyone looking for good bites that complements a cup of coffee/ tea.

Stanley Soh

The lemon tart is delicious. As I do not like anything sweet, the sour taste is just perfect.

Noria Akip

Had an amazing experience at their workshop at the National Museum of Singapore! Learnt a lot about food sustainability and upcycling during the WW2 in Singapore, and got to taste amazing food made of upcycled ingredients!

Chearmin L

The Okara Almond Cookies are amazing! I bought a few for my friends, and every one simply L❤VES it! Lawrence probably finished it all in one sitting eventually...even sent me a photo and asked for another 😏

Yingxiu Low

Interesting products made from upcycled food waste, wonderful to see such creativity!

XY Lim

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To find out more about our upcycling initiatives, here are some news articles that have featured us – The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Rice Media, The Star, Asian Journeys and The Wellness Insider.


Our products are ideal for corporate events, corporate gifting, office pantries or as part of your wellness programme, speak to us at 6416 6688 or email to find out more.