At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is an EduTrust-certified institution that cultivates global chefs and F&B professionals in an environment of culinary authenticity. The Academy imparts skills and knowledge in East and West, Old World and New World cuisines, herbs and spices, innovation and technology. A synchronised study-apprenticeship rotation enable the students to expand their horizons beyond the classrooms, maximising their employability and preparedness for careers as global chefs and F&B professionals upon graduation.


Since 2007, At-Sunrice has been recognised by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) as a CET Institute for Culinary and F&B Management. It has also signed degree articulation agreements with renowned educational institutions including Johnson & Wales University (America), Technological and Higher Education Institute of HongKong (Hong Kong), and University of West London (United Kingdom). Students can choose from a range of degree and nationally-recognised diploma, higher certificate, advanced certificate, and continuing education modular programmes suitable for their level of experience and commitment. Students who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents signing up for WSQ & SCTP programmes receive up to 90% tuition subsidy. 


With an international cadre of experienced faculty and staff, state-of-the-art facilities and strong industry partnerships, At-Sunrice celebrates the true craft of F&B industry and advances the culinary arts and F&B profession with integrity and meaning.



Advancing Foodpreneurship, Culinary Arts and F&B Profession with Integrity and Meaning.



We cultivate global chefs, foodpreneurs and F&B professionals with innovation, technology, and authenticity in a sustainable environment.


We nurture skills, knowledge, and values in Asian & Western, Old World & New World cuisine with Herbs & Spices through a synchronised Study & Work pedagogy.


We create culinary products and sensory experiences for wellness, education, and enterprise. 

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