Chef, Owner of Dad’s Corner

Q: Who has influenced you the most in your life?
A: My family. Their strong belief in me made me who I am today. 


Q: What’s your greatest aspiration?
A: My greatest aspiration will be having a chain of F&B outlets in Asia.


Q: What’s the best thing that you’ve learned in

A: The best thing that I learned in At-Sunrice is 
discipline. During my academy days, I did not feel the need to be punctual, to follow the rules, to ensure that uniform are worn with pride at all times. But when I stepped out and faced the real world of F&B business, I realized that these things are very crucial. Another lesson that I learned in At-Sunrice is that I learned to speak in front of a crowd. I was an Introvert before I joined the academy and public speaking was one of my greatest challenge. At-Sunrice helped me a lot in this area and now, I felt confident giving a speech and able to mingle with my customers and business associate.


Q: What’s your most memorable experience in At-Sunrice?
A: Being with my classmates and participating in the SpiceOdyssey!


Q: What’s your favourite quote?
A: “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

Md Hasrat Faddil Bin Samsudin

Dad’s Corner

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