WellSpent Lamian Lunch
25 February 2024, Sunday | 12.00nn - 5.00pm

We invite you to savour the artistry of hand-pulled lamian noodles, meticulously crafted by skilled masters. Immerse yourself in a dining experience where each strand of noodle is a testament to tradition and precision. Elevate your Sunday as the delicate textures and rich tastes of lamian take center stage. Join us in a celebration of gastronomic finesse, where the passion for culinary craftsmanship meets the joy of enjoying good food with the best company.

Learn more about the art of pulled noodles and taste the different types of noodles - 毛细 (Thinnest Noodle),三细 (Thin Noodle), 二细 (Thick Noodle),  粗面 (Thicker Noodle), 韭叶 (Prism Noodle), 宽面 (Wide Noodle), 大宽 (Wider Noodle), 薄宽 (Thin Wide Noodle), and 荠麦棱 (Buckwheat Ridge Noodle). The noodles range in thickness from very thin to very thick, each giving their unique texture and flavor. 

Limited Seats. Book your place today!


Aside from the delightful lunch experience, each guest will get a sample of our Eggshell Moromi Sea Salt (90g), so you too can bring magic to your home-cooked dishes!



WellSpent x Western Mahua Lamian Lunch
12.00nn - 2.30pm

Produce Market
12.00nn - 5.00pm

12.00nn - 5.00pm

Lamian Demo and Tasting Class
3.00pm - 4.30pm

Moromi Bun Baking Class
3.00pm - 4:30pm

*Ticket sales end on 25 February 2024, SUNDAY at 10:00am.



About Chef Ma Yulong


Chef Ma Yulong, a Gansu native and noodle virtuoso, embarked on a culinary journey joining Beijing Western Mahua Group in 2014. With six years of honing skills in Beijing, Chef Ma expanded his expertise globally, introducing the rich heritage of Chinese noodles. Driven by passion, he chose Singapore as the perfect canvas to showcase his dedication to the art. From humble beginnings to the global arena, Chef Ma Yulong's story is one of culinary excellence, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the art of noodle-making, inviting diners to savour not just a meal, but a taste of tradition and culture.


WellSpent x Western Mahua Menu by Chef Ma Yulong

Featured Spent: Moromi Eggshell Sea Salt
Hand-Baked Nang with Minced Chicken and Chilli Paste
Cold Side Dish of Vinegar Cucumber Salad

Featured Spent: Mala Eggshell Sea Salt
Lanzhou Lamian Beef Noodles

Featured Spent: Orange Peel Magic
Orange Peel Magic Chiffon Cake
Orange Peel Magic Yoghurt


Time: 12.00nn - 2.30pm
Price: $38 per person
25 Feb (1)

Lamian Demo and Tasting Class

Discover the art of Lamian noodle-making in our workshop! Led by expert chefs, you'll learn the secrets to crafting perfect noodles from scratch. From kneading dough to pulling noodles with finesse, our talented chefs will show you how to execute their culinary expertise and leave you with a newfound appreciation for this beloved Chinese dish. Join us and appreciate the art of creating authentic and delicious Lamian noodles!


Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

Price: $18 per pax

lamian class (2)

Moromi Bun Baking Class

Join our Moromi Bun Baking Class for a delightful journey into the world of baking! Learn the art of crafting these savoury buns with rich, upcycled moromi. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll master the techniques to create these delectable treats from scratch. Unleash your inner baker and treat yourself to the satisfaction of baking and savouring your own homemade Moromi Buns!


Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

Price: $28 per pax

Moromi Buns class (1)

Produce Market

Get all your Tasty products from our WellSpent Gourmet2Go Store, perfect as treats for yourself and your loved ones. Sample our Gutsy products and purchase home our almond cookies, barukku, OPM cake, or any of our other delicious Earthly treats!


Time: 12.00nn - 5:00pm
Free Admission


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