The Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management program combines the strengths of baking and pastry arts and management to prepare students for a management career in front or back-of-the-house. Graduates of the Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management program with sufficient experience may obtain positions in a variety of areas that include, but are not limited to, restaurant manager, kitchen manager, pastry chef, executive chef, food and beverage director, catering manager, room service manager, sous chef, beverage manager and dining room manager.

Johnsons and Wales University




Johnson & Wales University (JWU), founded in 1914, is a nonprofit, private institution. A recognized leader in career education, JWU offers accredited degrees in business, hospitality, culinary arts, technology and education to more than 16,000 graduate and undergraduate students, representing all 50 states and 98 counties. By integrating academics and professional skills, related work experiences, leadership opportunities and career services, JWU prepares driven students who are seeking a competitive advantage in the global economy.

More than 83,000 JWU alumni from 140 countries pursue careers around the world. The university is committed to urban revitalization and thoughtful historic renovation. Through active civic participation and unique learning opportunities, JWU improves the quality of life in its campus communities in Providence, R.I.; North Miami, Fla.; Denver, Colo.; and Charlotte, N.C.. Johnson & Wales has partnered with At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy since 2004 to jointly offer the two-year Advanced Culinary Placement Diploma (ACP), an outstanding qualification that grooms students to be Chef de Partie and guarantees professional experience in some of the finest hotel kitchens in Singapore. The ACP curriculum is a very special combination of Eastern & Western cuisines taught by respective ethnic chefs in the Singapore campus, and is augmented every quarter by visiting JWU chef faculty.

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Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply the major concepts, skills and values of the food service management profession to address industry problems both locally and globally.
  • Communicate effectively to diverse audiences, purposes and situations in food service operations.
  • Use decision-support tools and technology to solve problems and facilitate organizational processes within the food service operation.
  • Comprehend and apply industry specific operational standards.
  • Analyze and interpret pertinent information when making decisions within food service operations.
  • The curriculum provides ample opportunity for students to build upon their leadership and management abilities, cooking techniques, critical thinking, personal accountability and ethical behavior, problem-solving techniques, strong financial analysis skills and customer awareness. The Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management degree program develops a culinary foundation and management philosophy in its graduates.

The program allows students to receive a world-class baking and pastry and hospitality education. Students receive several senior-level capstone experiences in culinary arts, hospitality operations and strategic management.

General education courses required as bridging units:

  • Understand of English Composition
  • Understand Principles of Advanced English Composition
  • Understand Public Speaking
  • Understand Leadership
  • Understand Principles of Culinary Math
  • Understand Principles of Environmental Science
  • Understand Principles of Nutrition

Subject Title:

  • Food Safety and Sanitation Management *
  • Food Service Management Systems and Human Resource Applications
  • Advanced Food Service Operations Management
  • Hospitality Strategic Marketing
  • Hospitality Management Seminar
  • Hospitality Concentration Electives
  • Hospitality Electives
  • Hospitality Accounting I & Lab
  • Hospitality Accounting II & Lab
  • Hospitality Financial Management
  • Career Capstone
  • Hospitality Law
  • Macroeconomics
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Conversational Spanish I - Specialized Vocabulary
  • Arts & Science Electies - Two

Choose Two

  • Statistics
  • Ethics of Business Leadership
  • Sociology I
  • History Elective
  • Introductory to Literary Genres or LIT designated course

Country: Providence, North Miami, Denver or Charlotte, United States of America

For individuals who require flexibility in timing and learning, full online degree articulation programmes offered by Johnson & Wales University are also available:

  • Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Pastry Arts and Food Service Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship

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**JWU graduation requirement states students must pass a national exam that is recognized by the Conference for Food Protection. The national certificate must be obtained within 3 years of the date of enrollment 

 † FSM2010, Medical Food Service, is strongly recommended for students pursuing a career in the Clinical/Dietetics.

In accordance with the Johnson & Wales University International Admissions' Requirement, students must provide proof of high school graduation by providing: 

  • a certified copy of the original government-issued High School Diploma in both original and English language
  • a certified copy of the official High School transcript in both original and English language
  • a certified copy of the official external examination (if applicable) in both original and English language

Students must also meet University English Language Proficiency requirements or complete the JWU English Language Programme before entry into a degree programme.  

In accordance with the Johnson & Wales University's Transfer Policies, Graduation & Residency Requirements:

  • Only grades of C (2.00) or better qualify for transfer credit
  • If course are reported at a grade lower than C/2.0, the students will be required to repeat the equivalent course at Johnson & Wales University.
  • Credit only eligible for subjects listed on an official At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy transcript
  • Transcripts will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis
  • Awarding of the articulated degree programme requires completion of prescribed sequence of study