Ideal for: Aspiring entrepreneurs with a mindset to become successful in pursuing their entrepreneurial dream. This innovative course is part of the start-up lab initiative that will enable you to gain cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial skills beyond the food & beverage industry.

Upon completion, graduate is awarded with a full qualification in WSQ Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship.

Course reference number: TGS-2018501465



  • 22 February 2021
  • 3 May 2021
  • 5 July 2021
  • 6 September 2021

*Dates are subject to change

Up to 6 months

Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship is part of the start-up lab initiative which aims to nurture students with entrepreneurial mindset to become successful in pursuing their entrepreneurial dream. It is expected to impart cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial skills beyond food & beverage industry with one of the six key domains of market segments namely, well-being, sustainability, tourism, do good, education and journalism. This innovative course and one of the first of its kind, is expected to expand and stimulate cross-disciplinary food related entrepreneurship beyond the Food Service industry driven by design and technology. The main objective of the course is to guide the aspiring entrepreneurs in their start up journey by infusing entrepreneur mindset, business acumen, customer focus and relationship building.

  • Foster Entrepreneurship
  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Foster Business Relationships and Organisational Diversity
  • Lead Managers to Develop Organisational and Governance Strategies
  • Manage Risk Across Business Units
  • Innovate the Customer Experience
  • Provide Suggestions for Modifications to Existing Processes

WSQ Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship 

Singaporeans / SPRs 

International Students 

Programme Fee 

SGD 15,000.00  SGD 15,000.00 

SSG Funding 

(SGD 10,500.00)  -

Net Programme Fee  

SGD 4,500.00 

SGD 15,000.00

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) 

SGD 100.00 

SGD 100.00 


SGD 225.00 

SGD 225.00   

Admin Fee 

SGD 500.00 

SGD 700.00 

Medical Insurance 

SGD 45.00 

SGD 45.00 

Fee Protection Scheme 

SGD 36.89 

SGD 111.79 

Total Fees Payable  

SGD 5,406.89 

SGD 16,181.79 

GST (7%) 

SGD 378.48 

SGD 1,132.73 

Net Fees Payable 

SGD 5,785.37 

SGD 17,314.52  

- Prices are subject to change.
- SSG Funding up to 70% programme fee is for all eligible Singaporeans and SPRs. Funding validity period is up to 30 Jun 2021.
- This is a SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) eligible programme.
- Application fee (non-refundable) is due upon submission of application form

Only applicable for Singaporean and Singapore PR trainees


Additional funding* 

WSS Scheme** 

MCES Funding 

Enhanced Subsidy 

- SGD 3,000.00 

Training Allowance at $6 per hour, capped at 180 hours per WSS Eligibility Year 

SGD 1,080.00  -



Additional Funding* 

WSS Scheme**

MCES Funding



Enhanced Subsidy 

SGD 3,000.00 SGD 3,000.00 -

Enhanced Absentee Payroll, capped at $10 per hour 
(Valid till 31 Dec 2020)  

SGD 7,200.00  SGD 7,200.00 SGD 7,200.00 SGD 7,200.00  

Absentee Payroll, capped at $7.50 and $4.50 per hour 
for SME and Non-SME respectively 

SGD 6,818.40 

SGD 5,400.00 
SGD 3,240.00 

SGD 5,400.00  SGD 3,240.00 

*Application through SkillsConnect / new Training Grants system.
** The Workfare Skills Support Scheme (WSS) replaces the Workfare Training Support Scheme (WTS) with effect from 1 July 2020.

Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme 

  • For employed Singaporeans aged 35 years old and above and earn a monthly income of not more than SGD2,300.
  • Eligible individuals may receive SGD500 Training Commitment Award; Training Allowance (for self-sponsored only).
  • Company sponsored gets Absentee Payroll up to 95% of trainee hourly basic salary.
  • Visit wsg.gov.sg for more information.

Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) Funding – up to 90% Programme Fee 

  • For eligible Singaporeans aged 40 years old and above.
  • Visit skillsfuture.sg for more information. 

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs – up to 90% programme fee 
For SMEs that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding by Singaporeans or SPRs
  • Employment size of not more than 200 (at group level) or with annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than SGD100 million
  • Trainees must be hired in accordance with the Employment Act and fully sponsored by their employers for the course
  • Trainees must be Singaporeans or SPRs
  • Visit ssg.gov.sg for more information. 

Absentee Payroll (AP) Funding 
A grant to help employers defray the manpower costs incurred when they send their employees for certifiable skill training during working hours. 
Visit skillsconnect.gov.sg for more information. 


SkillsFuture Qualification Award 
Under the SkillsFuture Qualification Award, all Singaporean workers will receive:
- SGD200 upon completion of the following WSQ full qualifications: Advanced Certificate, Higher Certificate and below. 
- SGD1,000 upon completion of the following WSQ full qualifications: Diploma, Specialist Diploma and above.

Visit skillsfuture.sg for more information.

SkillsFuture Study Awards 
SGD5,000 Study Awards for early and mid-career Singaporeans who are committed to developing and deepening their skills and have relevant working experience in Food Services sector.
Visit skillsfuture.sg for more information.

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is partnering with these financial institutions:

POSB Further Study Assist 

  • Lower interest rates of 4.38% p.a. with 2.5% processing fee
  • Flexible repayment period up to 10 years that best suit your needs
  • Visit posb.com.sg for more information


OCBC FRANK Education Loan

  • Low interest rate of 4.5% per year
  • Three flexible repayment options
  • Visit frankbyocbc.com for more information

Following are the admissions criteria for successful enrolment into the course.

  • Passion for entrepreneurship in F&B industry
  • At least 19 years old
  • At least 1 year industry experience in any F&B establishments and/or any of the 6 key disciplines of well-being, sustainability, tourism, do good, education and journalism
  • Possess leadership qualities, artistic and disciplined
  • Required to undergo a panel interview and online profile test
  • At-Sunrice graduates of WSQ certificate/diploma programmes with a minimum average grade of B and above or equivalent
  • Applicants need to submit a business plan

Singaporean / Singapore PR Applicants:

  • A Polytechnic Diploma / ITE certificate or equivalent in the relevant field of study
  • Completed / Exempted from National Service (For Singaporean Males only)

International Applicants:

  • A diploma or equivalent in the relevant field of study
  • IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL (internet-based total) 46-59 / WPLN Level 5 if the medium of course instructions are not in English for highest qualification attained
  • Enrolment is subject to availability and incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • The programme is conducted in English and proficiency in the language is a requirement.
  • Programme contents and all prices are subject to change.
  • Trainee who chooses to drop out prior to successful completion will be requested to pay the programme fees in full and will not be entitled to any SOAs or certificates.
  • The following items are compulsory and must be purchased before commencement of programme:
    • Medical Insurance,
    • Fee Protection Scheme.
  • Food items from all practical session shall be consumed in the Academy, either during lunch or dinner time.
  • For food safety purposes, food items are not allowed to be taken home for consumption.
  • Students are required to meet the following criteria in order to obtain their relevant certificates: 

a. Minimum attendance of 90% and above;

b. Pass all assessments required by the programme; 

c. Abide to the student code of conduct.

1. Please ensure that all documents listed below are duly prepared:

International Applicant

Singaporean/SPR Applicant

Copy of Passport

Copy of NRIC (front & back)

Recent Passport-sized colour photograph (taken against plain white background)

Copy of highest educational qualification (Certificate / Transcript) & Official Translation (if not in English)

Copy of highest educational qualification (Certificate / Transcript) & Official Translation (if not in English)

NS Certificate of service completion and transcript (for male applicants only) 

Resume / Curriculum Vitae (with names & contact info of at least 2 Referees) (please click here for the template)

Resume / Curriculum Vitae (with names & contact info of at least 2 Referees) (please click here for the template)

Student Pass Form (please click here for the form

Applicants need to submit a business concept in accordance with the attached template (please click here for the template)

Birth certificate and translation (if not in English)


Proof of financial support


Applicants need to submit a business plan in accordance with the attached template (please click here for the template)


2. Click here to apply. Please allow approximately 10 minutes for the online application and ensure all documents are duly completed and submitted online. Any incomplete application will not be processed.

3. Application Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Pay online by credit/debit card for the Application Fee only. Alternatively, we accept NETs, local cheque for local applicants; bank drafts and telegraphic transfers for international applicants. The details are as follows:

Beneficiary: At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Pte Ltd
Bank: United Overseas Bank Limited

Branch: South Bridge Road

Bank code: 7375
Branch Code: 343

Account No: 934-342-2489


4. Complete the online Talent/Personality Test in the Online Application.

5. We will contact the shortlisted applicant within 7 working days for an interview either face-to-face or via webcam if you are an international applicant.

6. After the interview, your application will be submitted to the Admission Board for review. We will notify you within 3 weeks via email.

7. For successful applicants:

International and Local Student without SSG Funding

  • At-Sunrice will courier the original copy of the Advisory Note, Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and Student’s Contract to your home address.
  • At-Sunrice will apply for a Student Pass from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA).
  • In accordance to ICA regulations, the Student Pass application can only be processed 2 months prior to the programme commencement.

Singaporean/SPR with SSG Funding

  • Applicants accepted into At-Sunrice's certificate and/or diploma programmes will receive a copy of the Advisory Note, Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and/or Standard PEI Student Contract via email. The student will then be invited to the Academy on a scheduled date to sign the original documents.

8. Please be advised that the nett fees payable has to be made in full within 10 working days upon signing of the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) & student contract or before course commencement date, whichever is earlier. Payment will not be accepted before the signing of LOA & student contract.

9. Training Quality and Outcomes Measurement Survey (TRAQOM) by SkillsFuture Singapore

SSG will conduct the two post-course evaluation surveys in the following manner:

  • The Quality Survey will be conducted after the course end date through an electronic survey. The survey will be emailed to the trainee through SSG’s central survey system.
  • The Outcomes Survey will be administered once a year through a contracted vendor. The survey will be sent to shortlisted trainees who have completed their full qualification course(s) or CU(s).
  • Trainee is to provide your personal email and phone number for SSG to conduct the surveys.
  • All corporate companies registering their staff for training are to avoid using centralized corporate email and have to use their staff email and phone number for SSG to conduct the surveys.